Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Hospital(IMPH) wasestablished in 1947. With the rapid growth and development over the past a few decades, ithas become the largest AAA-grade comprehensive medical center in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regionintegrating with clinic service, medical education... Read More

Medical Service
  • First-class service capabilities

    In addition to diagnosis and treatment of common and popular diseases, our medical experts have activelyapplied the novel and innovative technologies into


  • Distinctive Subject Characteristics

    In 2014, the regionalrespiratory diseaseworkstation for the academicians and experts and the coughing lab were launched in IMPH.


  • Comfortable environment

    The hospital is consisted of fully functional emergency, outpatient, and inpatient facility and aims to build a comfortable environment satisfying


  • Advanced equipment

    The hospital has more than 300 pieces of advanced equipment in dominic: the world's leading PET-CT—3.0Tmagnetic resonance imaging(MRI), 1.5T MRI,



  • Dr. Dejun Sun (L4), President and Party Secretary
  • Mrs. RulaSha (R4), Vice Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee
  • Dr. Xingsheng Zhao (L3), Vice-President
  • Dr. XuewenGao (R3), Vice-President
  • Dr. XiangrongDan (L2), Vice-President
  • Dr. GuanxinGao (R2), Vice-President
  • Dr. Zhizhong Yun (R1), Vice-President
  • Dr. Jun Yuan (L1), Vice-President